The actual 'open' ai -

Not very long ago I shared a blog post about Dall-e, an image generator by It was supposed to be for the people, But it is evident that they are also trying to control information. Emad Mostaque explains more about this in this in an interview at the bottom of this post.(he is the founder of  'open' ai in the true sense) All the examples in this post are made using Stable diffusion. 

I have compiled a few steps to try stable diffusion yourself. I'm looking forward to see what you will come up with. Share your work with me on Twitter and insta.

To begin with you will need Gdrive and this model Checkpoint(download and upload on your Gdrive, we need the path to this file).

We gonna do this on collab, so in case you need a quick rundown for collab here is an old post of mine. 

Make a copy of this notebook on your own drive. If this method doesn't work I've shared some other articles that may be useful.

Download the model checkpoint on your drive. If this link is broken you will have to download it from Hugging face yourself.

 Expand the Setup Cell.

Run the first 2 cells and give Collab permission to access your google drive. 

With the reference to the image above-

A- Locate where you have to save the model Checkpoint

B-Right+clk and 'Copy path.

C-paste the path of the model

D- paste the address to the location where you want to save the exported images.

-You can now collapse the setup cell and run it again.  

I will update this post and share some details and tricks to make your animations better. 

-Adjust the animation settings to your liking. (the Video input seems to be broken at the time I wrote this blog post)

-Add the prompts to your fancy, press run, and watch the mesmerizing images on the screen.  And don't forget to share them with me. 😬

This is a big step in the world of AI. This image generator is so fast, that all the animations in this post were made in a span of 2-3 hours. 

Youtube's Ai has aptly an age filter, so you might have to log in to view the vids. 




This is the last one I made today, with this setup. 

With so much content, so easy to create so curation is the name of the game.  

I'll finish this post with this interview with the amazing visionary behind the .

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