Ai is not gonna take over the world, Yet ! Dalle is here.

A smiling frog wearing orecchiette pasta as a hat.

The above image is generated by an AI. Another reason to fact-check the news you receive on TikTok and WhatsApp. 
Cai- Bear parents teaching their cub to ride a bicycle in a park in Vancouver

Finally, I got access to Dall-e, and here are some of my experiments so far. 
DALL·E 2 is a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

The Way it works is you enter a text prompt and the Ai will spit 4 images. You can further explore variations of each piece and also edit it. (They are constantly adding new features)
Well, my first prompt was heavily influenced by the existing prompt on their website. I've shared some of my earlier generated images here. 

Darth Vader ice fishing, Water painting | Alex ross
TBH honest I don't know what exactly is he fishing. Maybe the AI is trying to squeeze in a light saber in there somewhere. If you figure out what's happening hmu on twitter.

Next, I decided to take a trip to space. So just like Tesla's car I decided to send a car to deep space. 
A synthwave-style nebula above the earth, a car flying through space, digital art
Here for sure, Dalle's version is much better. 

For me, there is a lot to unpack in the next prompt
Cai- a sad Indian man crying with giant tears rolling down his cheeks, in the middle of times square, colored with colored pencils.
I did not like this childish color pencil work. So I made a few updates.
Cai- a sad Indian man crying with giant tears rolling down his cheeks, in the middle of times square, in ultra HD.
It's interesting to observe the position of the hand. Covering the face is common cause it is shameful to cry. 

I decided to dig deeper
a sad indian man crying with giant cartoon tears rolling down his cheeks, in the middle of times square, in ultra HD.
This is what they mean AI is not perfect. The forth image in the set above. So irrelevant!

Why should Boys have all the fun?
a sad Indian woman crying with giant cartoon tears rolling down her cheeks, in the middle of times square, in ultra HD.

Then I took a break from crying humans to see how good of an artist is Dalle actually. 
A hand-drawn sailboat circled by birds on the sea at sunrise
Happily disappointed with the results. I would be a little worried if it would have generated better images.

The next image was also disappointing
an astronaut lounging in a tropical resort in space, vaporwave.
I like AI images mostly for realistic abstract images.

Cai- well-dressed man floating in a pink swimming pool full of a rubber ducks.

Nothing is beautiful like a couple playing with milk.
Cai- A couple in bed playing catch with milk, next to a window with a beautiful skyline of new york.
Can't wait to see completely Ai generated advertisements. 
Monkeys in a country bar drinking milk and playing cards, the bar tender is a cow, sky is beautiful

So far I can conclude that Dalle's illustrative vocabulary is not that great.(illustration)
My roommate in Montreal was very desi so there was constant Bollywood on TV.
So I tried some desi prompts. (I also asked the AI to visualize the Indian national anthem, will share the link once I upload it). 
Here is Darth Vader trying to fit in the Bollywood market.

Cai - Darth Vader dancing in a Bollywood set in Jaipur with several background dancers

This can go on, and the internet is being bombarded with thousands of images every second.

I will keep sharing my latest experiments here, Twitter and instagram.

Meanwhile, enjoy the image of old greek men trying VR.



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