Discover Style Transfer and my experience with runwayML

In this article, I cover -

what I know about Style transfermy experience using runwayML, and 'Helping Hand', an animated short film.

Discover Style Transfer(Machine learning)

What is style transfer? What is machine learning? How do they apply to computer vision? If you have ever wondered about these things, then you are not alone. Today, We are surrounded by computer vision can be and it can be a very useful tool if used. The term "style transfer" refers to the transformation of one artistic image into another using machine learning. For this video, I used an app called RunwayML for free.

    I did not document it this time but I do recommend following Derrick Schulz. I have learned the most from his resources. Runway ML is also very well documented, I have shared a video below.

My effortless experience of using style transfer (using runwayML, free and easy)

You will need
- an input(image or video)
- RunwayML app
- Style image(what you want the out image to look like)
I used a 3D film photo of Kafka and me. Taken by a Nimslo. If you are considering investing in NFTs, you can now own this photo.
'With my spirit animal', 2021

to know more about Nimslos check out this Blogspot To view more of my NFTs.

Runway ML

To summarize - you add 'AdaIN-Style-Transfer' to your workspace,
download the model locally,
Select input and style image,
and queue it for export.
You can play around with the parameters.

Style image

I recently came across my first blog post, so I decided to use that as a style for this video.


RunwayML exports png sequence which I then combined in After Effects.

EBsynth is also a software that uses non Machine learning method to transfer style.

Helping hand - Truly beautiful animation film.

often forget to share my inspiration and show appreciation. So here I'm sharing a recent favourite short film by Oliver sin. Absolutely love this shit. Look at the colors.

"It's a humorous short montage of "two hands, helping each other out". But what starts off as a charming set of hands aiding each other with tasks such as cooking, DIY or changing the tyres, slowly turns a little dark. Watch and see for yourself." - Creative boom

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