Beautiful nimslo, le dragon and few extra frames.

In this post I cover, 

What is a Nimslo?

It's not just a coll name. It's a unique and collectible camera. It plays a role the same as that of an Instax, making moments special without giving you the picture immediately. 

The NIMSLO 3D camera is unique because it has four lenses that expose light over 2 films. . It is a little rare to get your hands on but with that said if you ever come across one, grab it !! don’t hesitate! I strongly recommend it.  

My experiments with the Nimslo

Le Dragon 

 This is one of my favorite photographs and is now available as NFT

Art class

Art class is a room that I have more time than any other in my whole life, This is a combination of 3D and photography. Check out all my photography experiments.

Ghost in my house

Of all the crazy things happening in my house. The model in the picture is Chieh Huang

That's a picture of me

I spiced it up with an abstract shape to add perspective. Because otherwise, it is too plain. 

The Doorway

One can conclude if it's not abstract, it's not me. 

If you like this, you can explore my website further. You can even go further and invest in me as an artist by collecting my artwork as NFTs . Keep following me here or on Instagram, to see my further experiments. 

First Exhibition by Jonathan Djob Nkondo

Beautiful interpretation of the exhibition. Surprisingly the artist has a sequel to this. I don't really fancy that one as much, but here is a link to it. 

Work like this has inspired me to be the artist I am now. You can watch my work on my website. or on Vimeo

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