In the realm of art, there are creations that captivate the eye, evoke emotions, and take you on an extraordinary journey. Today, I invite you to step into the vibrant world of my latest illustration-  Ceviche, a piece that marries the surreal with the sumptuous and leaves you with a mouthwatering feast for the senses.


The trip to Mexico was not just a physical journey; it was a journey of the soul. It was a testament to the power of travel and human connection to inspire creativity. This illustration is a tribute to the unforgettable moments, the amazing people, and the sense of acceptance that I found in Mexico, a place that will forever hold a special place in my heart and art.

The image of people melting into one another was vividly etched in my mind, a vision that encapsulated the sense of unity and connection I experienced during my unforgettable journey to Mexico. The ever-present aroma of delectable flavors that wafted through the Mexican air served as a constant reminder of the culinary delights that beckoned around every corner. It was this fusion of captivating visuals and tantalizing scents, drawn from the heart of Mexico, that became the driving force behind the creation of this illustration.

The heart of the artistic challenge lay in striking a harmonious balance between complexity and abstraction. I sought to convey the richness of the scene while retaining a certain level of artistic interpretation. The result was a mesmerizing composition where each brushstroke and color choice played a part in the symphony of flavor and fantasy.

Art Meets Appetite

In the world of art, inspiration can come from the most unexpected places, and this piece is a testament to that. It's a journey from a scorching summer day to a canvas filled with vibrant colors, sensuality, and a touch of culinary magic. It reminds us that art is a multi-sensory experience, capable of stirring emotions and tantalizing taste buds, inviting us to savor every stroke of creativity.

You can purchase it as NFT here.


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