Sketchbook 38- Never get bored.

Artists have been drawing on walls, windows, and paper for centuries. It’s a true form of expression that everyone can do. I do not recommend drawing on public spaces without permission, hence it's a good idea to maintain a sketchbook.
Daily sketch. This is the peak of the wave, the point when I feel I have socially exhausted myself. By sharing a lot of my views. On one hand, I feel dishonest if I'm not completely true, on the other hand, I feel sharing too much makes me vulnerable.
 Hope I'm able to bring life to this illustration.

Sketch anywhere

Sketching can be done anywhere, any time! It is a great way to stay productive and creative. I recommend the following:

1) Carry a sketchbook with you wherever you go, it is important that it is of a manageable size. It is always good to have bigger books but it has to be at least the size of your palm.

2) You can either set a routine and do it at a fixed time of the day or keep your book handy for when you decide to take a break.

4) Sketch anything and everything that catches your eye- people, animals, buildings, or objects

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Sketching in a skytrain

People on the train are a great subject to draw. New subjects join on new stations and no one ever notices you. So make yourself comfortable and capture everything around you.

recycling paper

One of the things I tell my pupils is that 'it is a sin to waste blank paper'. what I mean by that is draw on as many surfaces as you can. This is an example of me drawing over my language practice books.

i don't know if I shared this before, but these are some sketches I made in my language study books before I recycled them.



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