another sun sets as i approach the end of my toil. sets contrastive than i have noticed before.
one more time i'm about to leave the this locus, the feeling is not tempestuous rather, placid instead. I don't know why have such unbending thoughts, even when i was usher in as a sib of these people. i stayed in a home, i know i did.
cant say who or what was my family,  so the farewell is easy.
after i leave i remember everything as it had happened this dawn, but all the plans of returning home befall. as the place i know changes and grows always been better than the one i know.
with a incomplete mind i row my craft into the horizon, not knowing where i'm to go,
 i hope one day i come back here, for the same reason as i came before. but i know nothing will persist cause i have changed and so have 'WE'.


  1. Beautiful art and prose. At first thought, I think it's the ruins of the Emerald City.


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