Happy Birthday Bua

many many happy returns of the day Bua
she is one of the most Hang-e-ble(a person you can hang-out with anytime) friends I know.
Ahmedabad , Mumbai and now in Bangalore.
During my internship in Mumbai, once we decided to meet up at some place in Bandra(not sure). We met up and were waiting for few other friends to come.For  their own reason they took long to come. 
I din't drink much then. So she started drinking and I was busy sketching. For half an hour or so she patiently sat ogling at me sketching. I didn't know it then but she was getting annoyed and bored, or i would have done something other than sketching. 
few months later we were in Ahmedabad together. the topic of mumbai came up and we started sharing our escapades in Mumbai. And she reminded me of the situation, how she was frustrated and tired with her job and so wanted to chill, but instead i was busy sketching and appending to here boredom. In her words " harami saale, I remember kaise tu udhar bait ke sketching kar raha tha aur mein bore ho rahi thi."
Normally that person would not have entertained me again but ... thats rhea
in fact later i think she(and prateek) went through even worst occurrences  because of me.
 my stay in bangalore would not have been so awesome if not for her, prateek, Alister and few others. 
 these are the sketches I drew when she was drinking.


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