face of god

I'm in goa an extremely religious place because of several churches,temples and chapels in it. but that is not why i find this place religious. It is the hometown of Mario Miranda.
For a long time i didn't know how he looked, nut i was well acquainted with his work. Even in mumbai when you come across his piece of art in public places you can't help but wait for few minutes and appreciate its shear beauty.
One cannot go untouched by his presence through his work once you have arrived at goa. The railway station(madgaon) itself welcomes you with his paintings on its walls.
And several artist all over goa have adopted his style. every artist here imitate his work(in terms of style) at some point of their life.
first i was under the impression that this is the style of goa that has bloomed from its culture. But when i researched a bit i found that Mario was the one to start it(now which has become the style of goa). it is like a religion which does  not have idol-worship but a religion which is believed and followed. And to my surprise some artists(referring to a artist who painted a wall in Vasco in mario's style) don't even know where that style has come from.
yesterday  for the first time i saw a photo of mario miranda (in a book store in panajim) finally there was face to the painter in my mind and i don't think it will ever leave. i looked at he photo on the backcover for a while. If would have seen this man on the street or in some shop i would have never believed that he mario miranda(god) himself.


  1. 'For a long time i did know how he looked'

    did or didn't?

    I love him. :)

  2. Wow, he really does look like that. Wonderfully composed, and brilliant sketch. Lighting and all! ;)


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