Happy birthday DADA

    this is least i could do compared to what he has done for me. he has his own ways of getting things done from me, of encouraging me and making me follow my dreams.
    this reminds me of an incident my childhood. i was good at drawing in my family and in the neighborhood. sometimes i even use to boast about it. once mom asked me to make some greeting cards for diwali.
i made some, and one of them was fallen on the floor or something or i hadn't kept it properly 
so Dada comes and tells me 'take care of your work or it will get spoiled' 
and i say 'its okay i can always make another one'(i had the whateva whateva attitude)
then he says 'might as well throw it outside the window why leave it on the floor'
i say 'throw it' and continued making the next card
he asked 'Are you sure?' i knew he wouldn't throw it.
i ignored 
and he threw it, i must say i really felt bad. i went checked if he hid it on the window pain or somewhere. i can't explain the feeling, it was a medley of several emotion.
though deep down it was my fault. 
till then i knew what others use to think about my work but that day i realized what it meant for me. 
happy birthday dada.  
(i bet you can't throw this out of the window ;P)


  1. Just because i am reading this on my phone i ain't throwing this out of the window ..... Thanks bro ....

  2. Nice one Rhutu, makes me nostalgic...taking me back to school and college... he has taught me a thing or two this way too!! Happy Birthday Bans!!


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