This movie was by far the worst bond movie ever. Daniel Craig's bond movies are getting bad to worst. When I saw casino royale this morning, it genuinely felt like a bond movie.
     These days movies are trying to get that emotional  attachment and they make the movie slow and touchy. This was a fail attempt. it reminded me of the last two harry potter films. I don't what the other people look in a bond movie, but i was expecting action and gadgets. this there weren't much, though they tried reasoning by saying they were going all old school with a tech-villian. But i don't think it worked.
    But there were some good things, unfortunately not the bond girls. Personally I did not see the official trailer so Ben Whishaw and Ralph Fiennes's entry was a real surprise to me. A good surprise.
    They named the film SKYFALL because it was an important for bond's character. but the director forgot to tell the audience why Skyfall was so (emotionally) important for bond and why he went there to hide and got it destroyed.
though IMDB has given it an 8.2 rating but i don't know of many people who like the film inspite of the over-dose of the british accent.
I like daniel craig and he a good actor, but in this film clearly the director has not explored his capacity.  
   Hoping for a good next bond movie.


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