Moonlight 2.2

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"I was expecting you ? Who are you ?" 
 The monkey man remained silent. As if all life in him had disappeared.
He seemed to be starring at him. Or was he looking somewhere else? one could not tell . 
"Do I know you?" No response came from behind the mask. 
The face did not seem familiar. Even if he knew the person he could not say. 
 He eyes seemed like those in photographs . From which ever angle you look he seems to be looking back at you. On closer look one realized he did not have eye balls. 
"Where did you come from ? " No response. 
 His eyes were like marbles, dark and black. that just added to the strange and eeriness of the stranger. After all the strange things he had seen this was not something that he would not believe. 'Was the monkey man blind ?' He asked himself. 
"You say you have come here for me . Do we know each other ? " No response 
he was alive for sure, you could sense life in him. You could see him breathing. 
He observed closer. The cheap plastic mask. The paper crown. He seemed to be from a village fair. The kind of places where people don't really care about the details put in the preparation. cheap make do things seem to satisfy the people. 
" Are you from a village nearby ? Or some travelling fair ? " 
The space was dead like a rock.Though the rustling of trees, chirping of crickets could be heard . the space seemed dead.  
Though the man seemed silent and did not respond, there was something about him that would draw you closer. Or rather pull you within him. There was something deeper in his eyes. 

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