Moonlight 2-3

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he did not understand the stranger nor the  strangeness of the situation. When he was alone , every now and then a fear used to grip him. What if the something happens to him. Would anyone notice him dead ? What he did not realize how did he get hear in the first place. He thought to him self that these things can only happen to him . The talking dogs, the sculpting winds, the man who talks to the winds, this random stranger and not knowing how he got hear in the first place. Now he was afraid even more than what he was before. 
That night after he strangely saw talking dogs when he went home and he slept like a baby and the thought about the dogs was like a distant memory.but strangely he got at in the middle of the night. when he saw the time it was 03.21 am. On days like this sleep did not come back. It went on a stroll down the park, without mentioning when it will come back. At times like this a man's addiction come handy.  
He settled on reading.That was a perfect medicine for his insomnia. But not that day. When you take the same medicine for a long time it seems to loose effect on you. Reading had don something similar. Sleep wouldn't come that night. He was reading Phillips Kerr's  ' A pale criminal' . He for sure= knew that he would read the next of the trilogy. He was so gripped on it ever since he got his hand on the first part of it. He followed Herr Gunther through the night clubs of Germany till dawn. 
At dawn he decided that he would have a early breakfast. He decided to go at the dhaba on the SH - 37  (SH for state highway). A place where he and his friends went frequently during the days of his college. Or the nights more to say. The night when he had debates with his friends regarding the possibilities of have a unique constitution and other topics about the existence of life and universe. Which now seem irrelevant . 

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