On photography

At the end of the click the photograph is a frozen moment cropped in a frame. This is mostly a vision of the photographer.  Good and experienced photographers manage to understand the tool and are able to anticipate and mold the final image closer to their vision. Unlike amateurs who do not always manage to capture the image the way they desire to do so. 
As any art form that is an extension of life, A faculty to expand the imagination of mind. So is photography. These images that are in the mind of the photographers, they are inspired from reality, weather it is a place, person, emotion, or another art form. Or also can be the combination of the above. 
This photograph that is captured by the photographer(scientist or artist) stands on what the the photographer has been inspired from. And by sharing this photo with an audience now has become an inspiration(influence) for images to be produced after that. 
Ultimately a camera is a tool. In many ways it has surpassed the human eye and in many ways it has not. When we look at a certain photograph that shows us something that we cannot see close-up or certain perspective, we start to hypothesize it existence from the second hand information provided by the camera. 
for (a vague) example - one may have seen the Effiel tower(or any known real place) only through photographs. It is the second hand view of the photographer that builds the understanding of the person.
Same goes for the pictures of the moon and the mars. its existence is because of our understanding of the camera that takes these pictures .At the same time it also limits us from understanding the complete picture of the moon and the mars it self. which is filled in by our imagination. This leads expression of art and photography ways un-imagined.


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