Waiting to grow up

Being the younger one at home ,most of my childhood memories are made up of how I always wanted to grow up and be a grown up. Now that I am a little mature I see things more clearly. Which actually is not a good thing. Conquered by boredom, because everything fun actually makes no sense, (like all tasty food is unhealthy :P) and things that make sense are not so much as to say(on a very broader view)  Standing here I understand why ignorance is bliss. There was a transition phase which can be summed by saying 'the more you see the less you know'... which was and is fun but the mind capacity to see seems limited and I can imagine the mind blowing up like a pop-corn. Though what Im saying is not true in all cases but applies to everyday mundane things , which in reality actually comprises of more than half our life.    


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