If you ask me where I will go

Every now and then I think what If i was a coy boy who had no friends as a child and was left out from the world. the Idea itself is depressing. but it would never happen with me cause I always had a friend who was bonded with blood. Every memory of him reminds me of fun.
Few days ago I was flipping through my childhood photos, and there was no special day of my life when he was not there. Can't imagine those days without him. 

-to Ninaad for you inspired me to write the following words.

if you as me where i want to go, I'll say
a thousand places beneath the sky,
to the mountains high.
I want to slide the rainbow of people across,
put my feet in the sands of time. 

If you ask me where I want to come back,
I want to come back home.
 to a place,
where my memories lie, holding the fondness of the time that passed by.
Where people speak a tongue alike. 
where everyone sings with their tunes aligned.
Where the bond are bright like the afternoon sky.

If you ask me where i want to go,
I want to go to where no footsteps have passed.
Unexplored ventures of the horizon vast.

If you ask me where I want to come back,
 I want to come back to a the place within myself to see the places in the distant stars.


now he has gone across the seven seas. but common, how far can he go with his roots still in me.


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