amusement park

its been a while since i have experienced fear. no matter however safe it is to go these ride, but still there is no way of convincing youself that when you are hanging upside down a few hundred above the ground and spinning on some random axis. 

they were not the best rides on the planet but were good enough to remind me that i'm alive. i think i'm going to this more frequently. we did meet with an accident in one of the water rides but alister's attitude and excitement spurred us to go for more. 

they say that your whole life flashes in front of your eyes before you are going to die,in that case i think i saw my whole life a couple of times yesterday. ;)
(3 of the above photos have been taken by Anokhi)


  1. it amuses me to know that you also get scared to go on such rides :p

  2. those photos are like some expressionist's brush strokes caught on film! damn trippy!


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