Buoyant over the Silent Sea

after a year finally the making of silent sea has released.
it is the second album of one of the best bands in India. Amazing music just like their first album 'Grounded in Space'. Apparently they experimented a lot in the making of this album(also mention in the video) and is very evident in the music. We were just lucky to be able to contribute to the experience.

This was the best escapade I had with music, and was very lucky to have Sanchit (a kickass Drummer himself) to usher me through this experience. One and a half month of eating, breathing, sleeping(little), smoking music and its visuals.

though not a lot of our work has been featured in the above video, there are some glimpses of our visuals. 
An edit  by Sanchit of the videos we made.

some images form the video .

more photos are uploaded by Sanchit on his site.
Unfortunately we do not have good recordings of the live projections.


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