30 day challenge

sanchit and myself have taken up a 30 day drawing challenge and we intend to make a illustration everyday.
these were the topics of the illustrations.

but please feel free to join in the challenge and share your work with us.
to see what sanchit made click here

day1: yourself

day 2: your favorite animal

my favorite animal is a human himself

day 3 : your favorite food

 ever since i remember i love street food. nothing tempts me more than street food .

day 4 :your favorite place
my favorite place is on my bed back at home, with mom around somewhere in the house. just feels so secure and comfortable...

day 5 : your best friend
 i suppose most of you had guessed it ... she is none other than PAW herself  ... SWAYAM PAW ... everybody loves PAW and PAW loves everybody !!\

day 6: your favorite character(not from a movie)
SUPANDI ... i have a lot of childhood memories related to it.  the only page that i read in tinkle was of supandi. supandi was there on the last pages of everyone's note book because he was very simple to draw. So even i kept this illustration very simple!

day 7: your favorite word

PROCRASTINATION .. i can relate my self to it. that is all i do all the time.
and there is a video made by a RCA student which defines the word very well . check it out

 day 8: your favorite animated character
vegeta (dragonBallZ) before vageta was introduced in the show, i liked piccolo.
i like the villain attitude in them.

day 9: your favorite show
the brothers are insane!!

day 10: your favorite candy
ravalgaon ... i don't know if it is still available .. but i use to love it

day-11 turning point in your life 
puberty .
i was under the impression that you just undergo physical changes. but i was wrong. ;)

day-12-latest accomplishment 
Alister's birthday gift - http://www.vimeo.com/29557739
i made a animation video for alister's birthday . i'll upload a frame here. check the whole video on the above link.(or click here)

day 14- favorite fairy tale
PUSS IN BOOTS.out of all the books i had in my childhood , i had 3 beautifully illustrated books peter pan, robin hood and puss in boots . i must gone through these books a million times.(just browsed through the images)  but the one that i actually read was puss in boots..(then i use to say 'puss in THE boots')

day 15- a family picture
i tried to recall a old picture of my family.(which i couldn't) of the time when we use to go to the studio to take a family picture.

day 16 - inspiration
every evening while we were playing we use to see a man with white hair and mustache. jogging for an hour. later we found out he was 80 years old!! this time when i went home around same time in the evening i saw him walking with a young girl(his granddaughter i suppose). i tried sketching him. 

day 18- just a doodle

day 19 - something new
street graffiti was something i wanted to start from a really long time. so finally i thought i should get started.

day 20 - something orange
here i am at home sitting in my room, the only thing orange i could see in the room was my bean bag.

day 21- something you want
i want more time.

day 22 - something you miss
SUNDAYS i don't miss anything more than sundays. get up with songs of 'rangoli', play till the sun comes over head, watch 'shaktimaan' in the afternoon and play again..
now most of the sundays are wasted in sleeping or hangovers.

day 23 - something i need
 i need a roadtrip.

day 24- a couple
day 26- something you don't like
MANGOES /.... can't even the smell of mangoes!!
day 27- someone you love
i had few options there, made few sketches while she was sleeping.
made these sketches while she was sleeping..

day 28 anything you like
a little street graffiti that i made with friends.
with this we conclude our 30 day challenge.


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