I was at my friends place in Chembur. I was suppose to meet some acquaintances on friday morning. it was pouring. So I called my friend confirmed that we were meeting.I went out with a umbrella , not knowing that the plan was actually to get drenched in the rain.
So there I was with them walking from the side of the road avoiding puddles and my friends were running in the little streams that were flowing along the street.
we reached a point were my friends discovered that few tree were cut for some construction. which reminded me of a hill near my house(above in the image) which has been replaced by large housing complex.(which I din show in the illustration)
many other places in my surroundings have been SWEPT off like that hill.
for some reason this is the 1st image that came to my mind.

it so happens that  on a new topic on Illustration Friday- Urban, i was thinking of the same thing. i know it is extremely inappropriate to put the same illustration but i also wanted to share this idea in this context.


  1. This is super. I really like it.

  2. Stunning.... love your first thought.

  3. Great concept. I completely sympathize with the subject. It's so sad to see places like this.


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