What Is a Proof of Vaccination? and what can we do about it ?

 In this article I cover.

- What is Proof of Vaccination. (Covid)

- What can we do about it? (Make it pretty)

- News from around the world.

- What is an NFT? a brief intro to investing in NFT

What Is a Proof of Vaccination?

In order to travel or go to public places in Canada you need proof of vaccination, This is a barcode that verifies with the government registry that you have received the Vaccination against Covid. You must also Carry a relevant ID to identify yourself.

Ugly QR code

Canada has made it mandatory to carry proof of vaccination to enter public spaces. So basically, in most public spaces where you plan to spend time like, restaurants, Gymnasiums, bars, theatres, etc, you will be asked to share your proof of vaccination. You can I either spend a minute or two at every destination to find your proof or do what I did, make it your wallpaper

The major drawback of doing that is that you have to look at that ugly QR every time you pick your phone. 

I decided to make it a little prettier. This is what my proof of vaccination currently looks like. 

I call this artwork - "Bound to Protect"  Metaphorical to the situation, this image illustrates that things that liberate us bind us in ways that don't always align with our vision of reality. 

Do you wanna spice up your Proof of Vaccination? contact me at shashrvacai@gmail.com . See more of my illustrations on Instagram

This pretty image didn't really work its charm every time. The first time I took it out, was on a date. The bar did not have an app to scan the QR code.  And since this image does not have my name on it, they didn't really accept it. Eventually, they did let me in seeing my honest effort to make my lock screen pretty. 

Obviously, The designs are not confined to this style. 

Explore more of my styles here. We can customize it to your taste, including having a mickey mouse on it. 

Now this illustration(without QR code of course) is available at Hic et Nunc

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News from around the world

Proof of vaccination is required when traveling to any country in the World, except for countries of the European Union where you do not need a visa to travel. However, proof of age is required for traveling to Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, unless you are entering through an international gateway such as a special agreement or visitor visa. Proof of age is not required for travelers coming from other countries into the United States. Proof of immunization is required for travelers coming to Canada, as well as those coming to the United States from Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

Proof of Vaccination

What is NFT?

The term "NFT" is short for Net-IFRS, an accounting standard for determining fair value. This accounting principle is based on the theory that an artist or collector's items are the only things worth buying. This is a highly abstract way of looking at things, and it is debatable whether or not it produces a level of subjective art or merely opens up possibilities for artists.

Many collectors agree that Picasso, was actually worth more on the world market than it was when he died. These collectors made great gains from trading in alternatives to traditional art marketplaces such as eBay and the New York City auction houses. In fact, many people consider these online venues as a lesser-used version of the traditional art marketplaces.

Although selling an NFT might seem like a simple transaction, it actually consists of several steps. The artist creates a unique digital file containing the artwork. After uploading the file, the artist submits it to an NFT provider. The provider then allows NFT users to access the file for a period of time. Owners of NFTs can then download the file from the NFT service and sell it at a predetermined price.

Like shares, gold and silver are tradable commodities. Therefore, anyone can buy and sell them. However, unlike stocks, bonds, or other valuable commodities, the ownership and control of non-fungible tokens are limited. This ensures that the value of the token maintains its intrinsic value, regardless of its current worth in the real market. If one wants to sell his NFT, he must wait for as long as it is tradable, or until he receives a single NFT in return.

Wanna start collecting NFTs? this is a good place to start.



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