Nature Me (Plotter never drawn)

 An experiment that never finished. I have always dreamt of working with my friends but turns out that is not always a good idea. My best friend owns an Axidraw, a mistake on my part was to assume that she would be okay if I used it(as she said, turns out she was just saying it as a formality). So I kept making designs and hoped that I could get them printed on the axidraw. Though she shared the same dream of using the axidraw and the vision of what can be done with it, she didn't really feel the passion I felt to commit to it. Just after printing the first few designs, she backed off leaving me with unprinted vector illustrations. these are some of the prints that I wish they were printed. 

If anyone reading this blogpost would like to collaborate and print these, I would be more than happy, to have a conversation.  


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