not so fearless

finally after hearing so much about her and seeing her work, i finally met Shilo. did not the best encounter, but i got a chance to meet her. :)
through Kaveri i got a chance to do graffiti with her in bangalore. Since kaveri didn't turn up on time so i had to go and introduce myself to her.(which i'm not good at)   
i did not know how to react once i meet her. So i actually did not say anything to her for a long time. everytime a her fan would come up and say something about her work or something  i used to be like 'oh!! I could have spoke about that ' but there at that moment i was just silently painting and doing what she asked me to do.  
It was a great experience though. 
in the end she says ' now that you at it you should also make a poster for fearless.'
so here it is.


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