i had posted a few 3D photos taken during our stereoscopy course. (photos taken by single camera).
twelve of us made a short pixellation film at the end of the course. since our batch was the first one have stereoscopy as course we had some homework to do.  We made the rig our selves in the workshop,had to research our self, we even damaged a camera had a lot of other technical problems.

Dava(guide\faculty) also held a little session during Chitrakatha 2011(october)
 our jugadu Rig
 rohit is tying the camera with a SHOE LACE. 


  1. Haha, this is good fun :) I'm glad you guys finished it, after seeing you all slog. Also, Vandana is such a pro at this! :)

    1. even we are glad that we finished something :P


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