Emergent Behaviour

This is one of my favorite Caider performances. It's called 'dandelion'.  Though due to personal reasons I could not attend myself, the visuals for this were done beforehand. I was actually in the air while this performance was happening. This is Caider's first performance in which glimpses of a possible album can be noticed. 
The major thing that we would love to say about the performance is that its not much mun to perform on zoom. 

More about Generator Israel - https://generator-israel.online/?fbclid=IwAR0bGJCN-cin0Stf4ZnCV1DPDYEH9l-KWeHBNqOc7onMaYDgdcTPwqewF5c 

the rest of the performance from this event - https://generator-israel.online/index.php/live-preformances/?fbclid=IwAR0nDtT8B-IvQPFE6ZdE0fWwkxYSjZkuUx5Wr_p6NCPiYmswM1iG8orrFsE


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