What is a Mechanical Drawing Plotter?

Mechanical Drawing Plotters are a type of machine that automatically draws accurate drawings by means of a pen or any instrument you like. In the past, mechanical drawing plotters were used as a drafting tool to produce quick drawings and sketches, but as technology evolved, they've become more sophisticated and could be made by yourself. As a result, they have been adopted by many artists as a valuable tool for producing high-quality drawings quickly and efficiently. I will share some of my examples.

Digital sun, 2021

Types of Mechanical Drawing Plotters

primarily I will divide plotters into 2 types vertical and Horizontal. I'm using one of the vertical ones, Makelangelo . In such a plotter the motors are suspended on the wall.

here is a video of it in action.

and here is an example of a Horizontal plotter, Axidraw

Types of Artistic Drawings

There is no limit to what you can ask a computer to draw.

here are some of my plots.


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