'Aa ba'

It was a surprise to me when grand- dad expired. But our parents knew it was coming. They it hidden from us. 
Being in the army made him a very strong man. Not only physically but also mentally. He never asked for help from anyone. Even in his final days. Perhaps that could be the reason of his death. Maybe he worked his body more than it could take.
There is no memory of his that does not have him telling a story.
In the mornings he used to make us chickens, then cut them our selves and and help grandmom cook it. Later in the evening he used  to take us to our uncultivated farms and we used to stock peacocks and deers returning home. Finally, he used to tell us stories of his adventures in army after sunset.  This was a normal day at our village.
Even though he was deaf(due to a bomb explosion in the indo-china war) he could clearly hear when grandmom called him. Ever since I remember, we used to talk in sign language with him. I could never explain to him what I did for living, but he was cool with it. For him sons must go in the army and daughters must be doctors.  
The impact of his death didn't hit me that hard when I was informed. But it is still hitting me slowly.


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