10 Great References for an Animation Treatment

Animation treatments are vital in the filmmaking industry. I've been collecting them since my days in college. I dreamt I would make animation in all treatments, but then you grow up and realize that that was naive. The most effective animation treatment is one that includes enough detail. It needs to show all the most important parts of the story and it needs to be concise. Here are some great references to inspire you:

How good treatment matters

Animation treatments are a crucial part of the filmmaking process. It is the blueprint for your story. It tells you what your film should look like, how it should flow, and what the characters should do.

A good animation treatment needs to include enough detail so people can understand what's happening in the story. It needs to show all the important parts of the story and it needs to be concise.

This is a list of some of my fav treatment animation treatments:

10 great references for an animation treatment

This is Gunner's reel from 2018, a great of treatments and their execution.

A couple of treatments in one short, often the case in infographics. 

The style below is such a visual treat, simple and impactful. First Contact from Handymartian on Vimeo.

A Puertas Cerradas opening from Diego Berakha on Vimeo, looks like straight-ahead animation.

Ordinary symphony is a break from some heavy treatment and shows some fun with simple animation. 

Ouroboros from C Y P H E R on Vimeo. Is a great example of After effects scripting. 

Uovokids promo | October 2012 from Uovo on Vimeo. This is a great promo for animation festival. 

Now an amazing example of when great talent unites.

Probably YOung the giant received a lot of attention from the audience because of this video. A great play of rotoscopy.



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