Cats will remain cats

This is something we know but recently has surfaced back in my life with exceptional annoyance. 
Back in the day when we leaving school the whole pursuit was to find the right shoes to run the race in the future. Distinguish what we are good at and what we love pursue it as an profession. 
In my school life I practically tried everything just to know if I like it or not, weather I was good at it or no. I made a fool of myself in most of it but there are no regrets, it brought me here to type this blog-post.
But then again they say some times it takes a life-time to find what you love.(convenient- that statement just kills the argument)
Recently I have been coming across people who are doing things they don't want to do working like employees of a government organization like irritated bank accountants.  but then come to think about it half the world is stuck in this viscous cycle where the pursuit of money and comfort we give up on talent and objects of happiness. 
But you know what gets on the nerves, when people intervene in work. I just feel that one should not poke their nose in what others are good at. You can try to learn,understand, suggest but one should not to imply.  
Not that I claim that I understand completely what I do but atleast I'm trying(i think). 
They start treating it like business and judge the success of an art-work by its value in terms of money.
Even a lion cubs loves playing with a ball of wool. Because they are cats. Cats will remain cats and they are good that way. We love them the way they are. Imagine if cats start wagging their tails like dogs. They shouldn't even try. 
Businessmen should do business and artist should make nice art pieces. lets try not mixing both of them. 


  1. I may have been one of the ppl who u mention.


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