Bong dinner

bong(bengali) dinner are like this. they give out food like they are feeding grains to the pigeons.  people who never come to the mess also come for bong dinner. everyone loves bong food(well cooked spicy chicken and ROSSHOGULA).
this year it was different without moutrisha and wrik around. they had gone home to celebrate durga puja.without them to serve there was no homeliness this time. nobody from our batch to stuff us with bong food.  
still  moutrisha informed one of the junior to take good care of us. but it was not the same. we still had to  wait for 10-15mins with empty plates for them to serve us. 
for last 3 years moutrisha has been pampering us with her MOTHERLY care and overfilling our plates nice beafy meat and surplus ROSSHOGULOS. and with wriky running around the place, at no point was our plates empty, he himself use to bring the bucket of food or make sure it was send to us.
we missed you mou and wriky.


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