people in mumbai

I saw a lone guy in a bar at colaba(mumbai). looked as if he had no motive in life .. alone and looking for a companion.
I was on way to the bank in Borivali(mumbai) I saw a dude crossing wearing a underwear, with a tooth brush in his hand and was bear foot. not that he was a begger or something, he looked like from a very decent family.
Oh this is a bitch. i really don't care most of the time how people are or what they look, but this woman. I met her in the bank, all she had to do was pick my cheque from her table and keep it on the managers desk, to do this she literally took more than half an hour and whan i asked she just looked at me and said nothing. she was dreaming at 10.30 in the morning when the bank is the busiest.if more I will add it to this post.


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